Marriage Annulment in Florida

Divorce and marriage annulment in Florida both have the same impact they dissolve the relationship. They differ in how they relate to a relationship. When individuals get a divorce, they are still regarded as having been previously married. An annulment, and on the other hand, treats the relationship as though it never existed. Some situations place individuals in such awkward positions, which they merely need to deal with the relationship as though it never existed. Others might prefer an annulment for a number of reasons. Annulments are a kind of relief for those who were put into situations by which they must never have been married.

What to Expect with a Marriage Annulment in Florida

Since civil annulments treat the relationship as although it never existed, an individual should have a pretty valid reason to obtain one. If one among the spouses hid a significant fact, the other could have grounds for a marriage annulment in Florida. This may include a substance abuse issue, a felony conviction, kids, impotence, or sexually transmitted diseases. Typically, a misunderstanding that comprises an annulment is situated on the wish to have children. This misunderstanding should be considerable to the relationship to represent grounds for an annulment. Two individuals who’re too close in familial relationship to marry also provide reasons for a marriage annulment in Florida. Both parties should have the psychological ability to consent and should consent voluntarily to the relationship.

If the party has been forced or endangered into the relationship, the Florida marriage may be annulled. One lacks mental capability to consent to the relationship if they were insane or drunkenness during the time of the relationship. These things are often discovered early on within the relationship, and so, there usually is not any need to break up property or choose on problems regarding children. Check with your state’s laws noting property division and child custody, visitation, and support. If you do have kids from the annulled marriage, these children are not considered illegitimate. While the courts have their reasons for acquiring an annulment, the reasons for receiving a religious annulment are very different.