The Divorce Rate is on the Decline While Marriages Increase

house on a chartWe have all heard the statistics. In the United States, your marriage has approximately a 50% of lasting a lifetime. However, what you may not know is that the divorce rate is on the decline. Marriages, on the other hand, are increasing in frequency. There are many factors that contribute to both of these changing trends.

Changes in the Divorce Rate

The divorce rate in the United States is at a 40 year low. The divorce rate is 16.9 divorces per 1,000 married women. Divorce rates vary widely in different groups of people. Why are divorce rates decreasing? Here are a few reasons that researchers have come up with.

Younger People are Marrying Later
When people marry at a younger age, they are much more likely to get a divorce. Now, younger people are waiting until later in life to take the plunge. Older people tend to make better decisions. Therefore, they are waiting to marry someone that they can spend the rest of their lives with.

Co-Habitating is More Widely Acceptable
There was a time in this country when living with a member of the opposite sex was wrong in most people’s eyes. This school of thought is no longer the norm. Many couples are now living together long before they marry each other. Living with each other allows the couple to learn what their marriage could be like before tying the knot. Now, instead of ending up in a marriage, couples that can’t live together break up. This has led to a greater chance of success for marriages.

Women initiate the majority of divorces. Changes to the divorce rate usually correlate with changes in women’s rights. After WWII the divorce rate in the U.S. reached an all-time high. This increase was mainly because things were changing in a pretty significant way for American women.

In recent decades women sought a marriage to find someone to support them. Modern day women are now able to support themselves. Therefore, women are no longer getting married for support or to make their parents happy; they are marrying for the right reasons.

There is no longer a one size fits all approach to life in the U.S. People are taking different paths. This means that there are also different types of marriages and families. Marrying someone, buying a house with a white picket fence, and having two children is no longer a requirement. Marriage comes in many forms. Some people choose not to marry the love of their life and just live with them forever.

Marriage Rates are Increasing

The marriage rate has been declining for almost 40 years. However, the last few years marriage rates of gone up. This suggests that marriages may finally be stabilizing. However, it is not all good news when it comes to marriage rates in the United States. There are still many people that fear marriage. Here are a few reasons that the marriage rate in increasing.

Let’s face it; marriage is a scary proposition. Not only could your marriage not work but you could also lose half of everything you own in a divorce. Pre-nups have become increasingly more common. These agreements allow people who at one time were too afraid of marriage to take the plunge. Reducing the risk of financial ruin is a great way to decrease the risk of marriage.

Many people in other countries, especially ones that value religion, continue to immigrate to the U.S. These people still see marriage in a very traditional sense. Their attachment to marriage is likely to be higher than someone who is born in America. Immigration from South American countries that have a much higher religious population, especially Catholics, accounts for some of the increase in marriage rates in the U.S.

The Sad Reality

While the divorce rate is one the decline you still only have a 50% chance of staying married for the rest of your life. A divorce can be a messy, emotional, and financially taxing. If you are in the unlucky half of married couples, then you are going to want to consult with an attorney. Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Alan Braverman has decades of experience dealing with divorce. He can help you with all of your family law needs including child custody, child support, alimony, and property division. Don’t go through one of the toughest times in your life alone. Contact Alan Braverman today and find out how he can help you. He will aggressively and compassionately represent you and your interests in a divorce.