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How to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Children After a Divorce

The holiday season can be difficult after a divorce – especially for the children. If you were recently divorced, you might be nervous about how your children will react to splitting the holidays between you and your former spouse. While it may be difficult for the children to spend a holiday away from one parent, there are things you can do to try to ease the transition. Our Fort Lauderdale family law attorneys provide you with a few tips on how to do it.

Figure Out a Schedule in Advance

A good tip to help ease into a new holiday tradition with your children is to figure out scheduling with your former spouse in advance. If you want to schedule activities with your children, you should work with your co-parent to confirm details down to the minute. Failing to do so could lead to arguments that may sour the holiday for your children.

Coordinate Gifts

Another great tip to help you and your co-parent this holiday is to coordinate gifts. One parent shouldn’t be left gifting boring items while the other is gifting everything on your children’s wish list. Coordinating and even working together on gifts can help your children feel the love from both parents.

Set Expectations

Talking to your children before the holiday season begins can be extremely helpful. You should set clear expectations for your children so that they don’t feel sad or guilty. You should explain to your children that they will be spending time with you and your co-parent. Presenting your plans cheerfully can help them feel confident and secure about their holiday plans.

Try Something New

Since there will likely be many changes for your children this holiday season, we recommend adding a new tradition to your holiday plans. This can give your children something to look forward to so that they don’t focus so much on how this year will be different for them. You can take them out to see a movie, ice skating, and end the night with hot chocolate. Make it a tradition that your children can enjoy every year.

Take Care of Yourself

The holiday season won’t only be different for your children, it will also be different for you. Be sure to take time for yourself to help you be there for your children. Spend time with your loved ones and treat yourself this holiday season.

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