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5 Worst Mistakes Made During a Divorce

Going through a divorce is an emotionally draining process. Individuals are required to make difficult decisions that can ultimately impact the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, angry emotions can affect the decision-making process – causing individuals to make significant mistakes. If you are going through a divorce, the steps you take will be detrimental to the outcome of your proceedings. To help you, our Fort Lauderdale family law attorneys have put together the five worst mistakes people have made during their divorce so that you don’t have to.

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#1: Lying to the Court

A common mistake individuals make is trying to lie to the court by hiding marital assets. Whether you feel like your former partner is trying to take advantage of you or don’t think they deserve the assets, it is a costly mistake to hide information from the court. Failing to be honest with the court can result in you losing your divorce case, can compromise any agreements or settlements that have already been made, and you can even face criminal charges for fraud.

It’s best not to try to make things “fair” by hiding important assets. Doing so can affect you more than it will affect your former spouse.

#2: Acting Out of Anger or Revenge

Going through a divorce is challenging, and you will experience many emotions during the process. However, it is vital to leave emotions aside when making decisions about you and your children’s lives after the divorce. Acting out of emotions instead of taking a rational approach can lead you to make decisions that will negatively affect you in the future.

#3: Not Having Realistic Expectations

It is important to know that you will experience changes after your divorce – especially in your finances. For such reasons, you should speak to an experienced attorney to determine which expectations you should have regarding your financial situation and the potential outcome of your divorce. You want to make sure you take action on what you deserve, but you shouldn’t exhaust yourself over an unrealistic outcome.

Remember, you may need to liquidate assets or make spousal support payments after your divorce.

#4: Not Complying with Court Orders

Another common mistake people make is failing to comply with court orders during and after divorce proceedings. Once you or your spouse officially files for divorce, the family court may issue alimony, custody, and other orders. You must fulfill your court obligations, or it can significantly affect your divorce proceedings. It is best to avoid unnecessary complications to reduce additional legal fees and proceedings extensions. If you’re confused about your obligations, it is best to discuss them with an experienced attorney.

#5: Not Seeking Legal Guidance

Going through a divorce is never easy – especially if you and your former partner are in disagreements. Determining what is just in a divorce can be challenging without an experienced attorney on your side. Our team at Stok Kon + Braverman has helped individuals across Fort Lauderdale with their divorce proceedings. We can analyze your situation and guide you through the process to help you achieve your desired case results.

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