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How Do I Tell My Fiancé That I Want a Prenup?

It can be challenging to tell a fiancé you want a prenuptial agreement. You may worry about how they might react or whether they will take it the wrong way. However, it is important to have this conversation before getting married so that both of you are on the same page about finances and property. Here are some tips on how to tell your fiancé that you want a prenup.

Have a Conversation Soon After the Engagement

Speaking to your loved one about a prenuptial agreement will likely turn into a serious discussion. For such a reason, it is important to speak to your fiancé soon after your engagement. Waiting a few weeks or months before the wedding will likely be much more stressful.

Be sure not to mention the prenup while you’re having a heated discussion about finances. Set some time aside to discuss a prenup when you are both in a good headspace.

Be Honest & Discuss Why You Want a Prenup

A prenup can protect each partner’s financial interests in case of a divorce. For such reasons, it is important to explain to your partner why you think it would be helpful for each of you. You may need to explain why you don’t want to feel financially disadvantaged or exploited in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Emphasize The Benefits for Both of You

A prenup isn’t only meant to protect one partner in the relationship – it is meant to protect both. When discussing a prenup, it is crucial to focus on the benefits. For example, a prenup can provide a path for handling assets and liabilities in a divorce, making the process much easier if it were to happen.

Focusing on the positives can lessen the feeling that a prenup is an adversarial process. Your fiancé may find the idea less intimidating if they understand that it can significantly benefit both of you. Having less to argue about in a divorce will make everyone’s emotions stable. The most challenging part about discussing a prenup with your partner is thinking about a situation where you two wouldn’t be together. For such reasons, it’s important to be considerate and thoughtful when having these discussions.

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