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Fort Lauderdale Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Posted on January 16, 2017

fort lauderdale divorce mediation lawyer If you and your partner are considering or planning to split up, a Fort Lauderdale divorce mediation lawyer could be exactly what you need to ensure the process runs smoothly and effectively. There are a lot of benefits to pursuing mediation rather than going through the courts. And in many cases, both the couple and any children they have feel that their interests are better served and supported by the mediation process. Rely on the experience of a qualified divorce mediation lawyer to highlight everything you need to know about this separation option.

How Does Mediation Work?

The process is actually quite simple and straightforward, particularly when compared to going through the divorce courts. You and your spouse will each have a divorce mediation lawyer represent you. Then a neutral third party will be called in to help facilitate the process. The goal is to create an environment that is less hostile and more open in which to work through the issues involved with the divorce process.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

As everyone knows, divorce can be a very sensitive and bitter process in the worst cases. But there are many couples who agree that divorce is the right option but have no interest in punishing the other party. Since divorce court can be complicated and contentious, each party relies on a divorce mediation lawyer to help them represent their interests without trying to hurt the spouse they are separating from. In general, mediation introduces a level of civility to the divorce process that is often lacking otherwise. Reaching an agreeable solution typically takes less time, and always requires less money. Plus, the results of the divorce settlement are kept confidential, and there is a space to air all the issues rather than just the ones prioritized by the court process. If you want to divorce amicably and on your own terms, working with a divorce mediation lawyer is often the ideal option.

Is Mediation Right for all Couples?

There are some instances where going to divorce court will be the better option. If the divorce is particularly bitter due to instances of domestic violence or infidelity, the more formal and structured environment of a court may help couples to avoid the caustic dynamics that led to the divorce in the first place. If there is a lot of contention over assets or child custody, mediation might not be the most productive environment through which to reach a resolution. If you are unsure which option to pursue, the best strategy is to consult with a divorce mediation lawyer early in the process.

Why Hire a Fort Lauderdale Divorce Mediation Lawyer?

Overall, the goal of mediation is to get couples talking openly and honestly. In some cases, the only participants in the mediation itself are the two spouses and the mediator. But in all cases, it is important to have a divorce mediation lawyer offering advice and standing up for your interests. Even in the best circumstances, divorce can be a complicated and contentious process. With a qualified divorce mediation lawyer working on your behalf, you can feel confident that you have all the information you need, are considering all the important issues at play, and are not making sacrifices that you would prefer to avoid.

What Does the Mediator do?

The mediator is kind of like a combination of a judge and counselor. They do not have the power to make any final decisions, but they are present to ensure that both sides have the opportunity to air their issues, and to keep the process form devolving into bitter arguing. Each side will rely on a divorce mediation lawyer to help them agree on the right mediator. They will then defer to that mediator to help the divorce process to proceed as smoothly and amicably as possible.

Is Mediation Right for Me?

The answer to that is different for every couple. But if your primary goal is to proceed with the divorce rather than punish the other party, mediation is the preferred option. Even if there are extensive assets to divide or complicated issues with children to resolve, mediation can prove to be a productive process. As long as you have a divorce mediation lawyer working on your behalf, you can feel confident that the mediation process is working for you rather than against you.

The first step towards getting the divorce mediation process started is to reach out to an attorney who has been through it many times before. Your best asset is a divorce mediation lawyer who can offer insights, advice, guidance, and assistance from beginning to end. To get all the answers you’re looking for, get in touch with The Stok Kon + Braverman by calling 954-237-1777 at your earliest convenience.

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