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Florida has earned a reputation throughout the U.S. as the state the where older couples go to retire and enjoy their golden years together. According to recent research, however, more and more couples are choosing to spend their retirement years apart, even after decades of marriage. Contact our grey divorce lawyer for more information and assistance today.

  1. In fact, the phenomenon has become so widespread that it has earned its own media nickname – gray divorce, also known as silver divorce. According to a survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more than 60 percent of divorce attorneys say they have seen an uptick in the number of divorce cases involving spouses age 50 and older over the past five years.

A study by Bowling Green University reinforces those findings, revealing that the divorce rate among couples over 50 more than doubled between 1990 and 2009. Two decades ago, researchers found, only one in 10 people who divorced were age 50 or older. Today, that number is closer to one in four, CNN reported.

Gray divorce could have numerous causes Experts have put forth a number of different potential explanations for the recent increase in divorce among older couples. Some theories speculate that longer life expectancies paired with shifting societal values have fueled the trend. Others attribute the growing popularity of elder divorce to earlier changes in the way Americans view marriage.

According to a report by National Public Radio, couples who divorce after 50 are more likely to have been married more than once in the past, in contrast to those who remain married. Thus, as divorce and remarriage have grown more widespread in recent decades, so too has later-in-life divorce among remarried couples, who are statistically less likely to remain married.

Another possible explanation for the gray divorce movement is the unique makeup of the Baby Boomer generation. In a statement issued by the AAMA, the organization’s president Adam Abramowitz said, “Baby boomers have regularly been catalysts for social change and getting divorced in their later years appears to be one of the most recent trends.” In contrast to earlier generations, Baby Boomers are known for placing more emphasis on individuality and personal fulfillment. For some Baby Boomers, therefore, divorce may be seen as the first step into a new and exciting phase of life. Older divorce involves unique challenges While younger divorcing couples often focus heavily on child custody, visitation and child support issues, divorce negotiations among older couples tend to center on other concerns, such as alimony, retirement accounts and division of business assets.

These financial issues can be extremely important for divorcing couples of any age, but they are particularly critical for older individuals who may have relatively few working years left in which to make up for any changes in financial circumstances they may experience after the divorce. If you are considering divorce after 50, contact a knowledgeable family law attorney in your area to discuss potential strategies for protecting your long-term financial well being.

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