High Asset Dissolution

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In some marriage dissolution proceedings, the division of marital assets is not a difficult issue because there are only a few assets worth a relatively small amount. In high net worth divorces, by contrast, the spouses often need to hire an entire legal and financial team to analyze assets, investigate hidden types of property, and ascertain the value of business partnerships. If that sounds like your situation, it is vital to consult a skilled divorce attorney who is familiar with this complex area of the law. At Stok Kon + Braverman, our strong grasp of financial issues allows our Broward County high-asset divorce lawyers to provide particularly knowledgeable advice to individuals undergoing a high asset divorce.

Pursuing High Asset Dissolution

This process typically refers to couples that have high income and substantial personal resources as they are going through a divorce and trying to divide their property. High asset marital estates present complicated valuation and tax issues.

It is important to understand the difference between marital property and separate property, also known as non-marital property. Separate property consists of assets or possessions that one spouse acquired prior to the marriage or obtained during the marriage as a gift or through inheritance. It also includes any property that is defined as separate property through valid agreement, income earned as separate property and not commingled with the marital property, and any items purchased with one’s separate property. Separate property is owned by one spouse alone and is not subject to division at the time of a divorce. If there is any controversy about whether assets are separate or marital, the individual claiming that they are separate has the burden of showing that they should not be divided and may want to retain a Broward County high-asset divorce attorney for this process.

On the contrary, marital property is owned by both spouses and is subject to “equitable division” at the time of divorce. Marital property is defined as all assets and debts that either spouse acquired throughout the course of the marriage. It is irrelevant whether the property or debt is only in one person’s name in deciding its status. Marital property may include income, property, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, benefits, insurance policies, personal properties, and more.

What is considered equitable will vary depending on the facts of the specific case. A high-asset divorce lawyer in Broward County can explain how the standard may apply to you. It does not always mean an exactly equal split between the spouses, but rather a division that is fair. If there is a valid pre-nuptial agreement, the court will enforce the terms of that agreement. If there is no prior agreement, or if the agreement is invalid, the judge has the discretion to consider a number of factors. These may extend to the length of marriage, each spouse’s economic position, each spouse’s debts and liabilities, each spouse’s monetary and non-monetary contribution to the marriage, and many more.

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